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I am a full-time professional translator with 15 years’ experience in the translation business. Before starting Daphne Theodoraki Translations in 2001, I worked as in-house translator in the software localisation industry and as project assistant in the environmental field.

My academic background includes a Master's degree from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a BA in Translation from the Ionian University in Greece, as well as a law diploma for translators and interpreters from the University of Stockholm.

I am a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) and follow its Code of Professional Conduct.

When you work with me, you can expect to:

* Get immediate response & personal service

Get a direct answer to your query so that you can make a decision instantly. No switchboards, countless company departments or project managers, no endless forwarding of calls and e-mails.

Further down the line, during the translation process, you have direct contact with the translator. In this way, you know who is taking care of your project, and you get the personal service that large organisations cannot offer you.

* Receive competent service

Work with someone structured, organised, flexible and competent, who goes the extra mile to meet your requirements, be it late changes to the original or urgent texts.

* Receive an excellent translation that will help your business grow

Every business is unique—so is yours. You don’t want to risk your business reputation or lose potential customers because of a mistranslated or clumsily-written text that makes a bad impression. By hiring a professional translator who knows how to convey the uniqueness of your product and who translates only into their mother tongue, you are making a long-term business investment.

When I translate, I do a proper job; I produce a clear, comprehensible, no-nonsense text that is carefully written in good idiomatic Greek, and reads like the original – no “Greeklish” here, in other words. You can also rest assured that when working with your document, I will ask questions to clarify foggy points in the original, so that the translation you receive is even better than the source text!

* A translation customised to your needs and requirements

The final translation you receive is always adapted to the industry and target group it is intended for, taking into consideration the relevant terminology and style, and, of course, your special requirements.That’s why no two projects are treated alike or adapted to a "one size fits all” template. And that’s also why automated translation software or services like Google Translate will never be used to translate your text.

Reduce your costs

You get your translation at half the cost of what a large translation company would offer you, since you avoid the middleman and hence all overhead costs, salaries and starting fees for project management. What’s more, chances are you will be working with the same person who supplies translations to many of the major translation agencies – me!

* Receive your translation by the agreed deadline

Receive your translation on time every time, or even earlier than agreed.

* Be treated with confidentiality

All translation content and inquiries are treated as confidential. 2008-2015